Progress, end of March -21

I’ve finally managed to draw all the thumbnails for the next SPEJS chapter, meaning I know how many pages it will be.

79 pages. Why am I doing this to myself?! XD

Good news though is that a majority of these pages are at leasted inked – 60 out of 79, yay! Only 19 pages to go ;) My goal is to have this ready in digital form for Stockholm’s International Comics festival, but we’ll see, that’s a lot of pages that needs to be greyscaled though! So glad all pages are more or less speech bubbled though.

Just wish me luck on getting all these pages done in time, it’s a lot! Luckily, I got an Audible subscription from work, so I’ll have something to listen to while greayscaling these pages ;)

Time for a re-boot of this page

I want to revive this page a bit, so welcome back SPEJS enthusiasts! ;)

It has been almost 3 years since I released a new SPEJS comic book. Why? What happened?

Late 2018, I started to work on a prequel about Gav’s parents and how they met. It took a lot of time and energy, and it kinda burnt me out in late 2019. I have the script ready, but pages needs to be sketched and inked (I have thumbnails for the whole book and one chapter ready).

2020, we all know what happened and on top of that, I had some personal stress going on in the first quarter of the year. I started to slowly get back to comics though and in July I drew a few new pages for a new SPEJS adventure. Work went slow though as I worked from home and really didn’t want to sit in front of the computer after work hours.

There was also this aspect of, who wants to read this comic when it’s done? A lot of self doubt, especially when I can’t attend conventions physically and promote it myself. In these times, it’s much easier to give all my creativity to my other hobby, role playing. You create something, throw it at your players and let them react.

Late 2020, I picked up the pace again and started to ink pages of the new SPEJS chapter. I had found a new workflow that I enjoy and it helped me to keep drawing. Right now I have 57 pages inked and hoping to get the chapter ready for publishing before summer :)

I am also aspiring to finish off the prequel story in the future. Maybe I can start looking into it after the summer. But for now, I’m concentrating on the SPEJS story.

I will try to use this space to document the work with the comics, give some sneak peeks, etc. Hopefully it can make me feel more motivated to continue working!