The characters

Ragna Korppi
Role: Sniper
Age: 31
Race: Human-seri mix
Home planet: Aeros
Height: 183 cm

Ragna joined the military after high school and completed their education there. she worked for the military for a while as well before they went freelance. They doesn’t talk much about this, but has mumbled something about the military couldn’t offer them anything fun to do. They’re half seri and speaks seri fluently aside from the common tongue, pangee. Their mum is Atla Korppi, famous champion of Aeros.

Gav Moroz
Role: Pilot
Age: 29
Race: Seri
Home planet: Aeros
Height: 188 cm

Gav is a seri who has lived on Aeros during his whole life. Even though his seri heritage clearly shows, he was raised to learn pangee, the official language on Aeros, and knows that a lot (and I mean A LOT) better than seri. Gav never bothered with any higher education than high school and has spent his days after graduation with driving and fixing cars. He’s very good at what he’s doing and can fix and drive pretty much anything on four wheels or more (and even hovercrafts)!

Swagata Yadav
Role: CEO and hacker
Age: 29
Race: human
Home planet: Aeros
Height: 161 cm

Swagata is classically educated in computer science at Aeros Univeristy of Technical Excellence. She has previously consulted as a digital expert for several companies in Aeros City. She got bored though and decided to start up her bounty hunter team in hopes of getting greater hacking challenges. She once managed to find a severe security breach in Aeros’ military system. They were thankful, but didn’t enjoy her gloating about it on social medias though…

Morwen of Gilios
Role: Close combat
Age: 27
Race: pangee
Home planet: Pangee
Height: 175 cm

Morwen has a major of economics from one of the finest universities on planet Pangee, aside from her basic military training that a majority of the pangee women have. Back at pangee, she worked as an accountant since she was told she was too weak to do combat. Eventually fed up, she left her home planet for Aeros and decided to try her hand at bounty hunting. After a while, she met Swagata and joined SPEJS. She comes from a wealthy family and knows how to socialize with the pangee crème de la Crème.