SPEJS is a Rockin’ space opera where you meet the bounty hunters Swagata, Morwen and Ragna! …and Gav, their buff spacetroll pilot ;) They’re hired to do all kinds of stuff, like hunting criminals and find out who’s stealing artefacts…but there’s also time for sillyness, romance and ghosts from the past to cause some drama for these bounty hunters!

Things to expect in the world of SPEJS:

-Body positivity

-Women and non-binary folks kicking butt

-Biceps and chest hair

-Queer romance

-Guns say PEW



-Sparkly action

The author

SPEJS is written and drawn by me, Jenny Hannula: a Stockholm-based UX designer day, but a comic artist by night ;) I’ve been making web comics since 1998, mostly with fantasy and anime/manga influences. Some of my published works can be found in Swedish Comic Sin, Home Made Comics and Serienördens Kokbok, to mention a few publications. SPEJS is my first science fiction comic AND my first comic with a main cast where the majority’s female. While I love working with character driven stories and include some butt-kicking in-between, I also want to see more diverse body types in comics and other popular media, and I really enjoy making all different kinds of people in SPEJS that are awesome and kicking butt. As a queer person myself, I’m also very eager to include other people than cishet into my stories.