And that wraps up this chapter! And unfortunately, this will be the final page I will put up for free online! There are several reasons for this:

  • SPEJS is a print-first comic, meaning I always draw with print in mind. Editing the pages for vertical scrolling hasn’t been very successful and I’ve been more and more aware of that this comic doesn’t work that well for the web.
  • I’ve run out of pages to post, and it’ll probably be a year until new SPEJS pages are produced.

I will keep the domain and keep the webcomic versions of these first chapters for a while until I figure out how I will move forward with this comic. I might switch to a gumroad solution in the end. But yeah, I need time to think about that for a while 🙂

I’m very grateful for everyone who has read, liked and commented the comic during the almost two years I’ve put this comic up online. I hope you’ll stick around as I’ll probably use this space to show WIPs (right now I’m working on a prequel comic, starring Gav’s parents that I’d love to share more of!), and announce the next cons I’ll table at!

If you want to follow my work, I’m also posting on Instagram and Twitter.