Imagine you’re having your first free day in like forever and you have it all planned out: drinking coffee, maybe reading your favorite book, but most important: being left alone.

Imagine having those plans wildly interrupted by a new crewmate moving in. And as if you weren’t trouble-ridden enough already, the past comes back to bite you when you least expect it!

Welcome back to Aeros and the third chapter of SPEJS – a rockin’ space opera!

Hey peeps! I’m building up some hype for the next chapter by posting the cover today! New pages will be available every Tuesday, and I’ll actually post two pages this coming Tuesday! The reason for that is that is that I want the readers of my main page to have an extra treat for reading it here, so if you read SPEJS over here, you’ll be two pages ahead! Neat huh? 8D

Hope you’ll have a great rest of the weekend, and I really look forward to share this new chapter with you people, it’s going to be awesome!