Come on, Ragna, you can do it!

So, welcome to 2018! I’m already planning on doing the next SPEJS book and will amp up my working speed to finish it in May for the next comics festival in Stockholm (given I get a table)!Me and SPEJS are also going to Malmö in March and if you live in the area, it’d be rad to meet you! More info will pop up as the event comes closer! I’m also looking towards Skellefteå in May, and it’d be really rad to go there as well! 🙂

But yeah, new SPEJS! While I really still enjoy this story, I want to tell even more stories, and right now I have around 25 pages of new stories done, and I hope to finish one or two more stories for you to enjoy! I’m trying my best to make slightly shorter stories this time, more bite-sized if you will. Some stories doesn’t need 50+ pages 😉 It’d also be cool if I had enough pages to relese slightly longer pieces each week, let’s cross our fingers, shall we? 🙂